Your Privacy

Encryption Throughout

At StayPrivate, our job is to keep information private. All emails and attachments are encrypted, both in transit and in storage on our servers. Encryption keys are dynamically generated, meaning that the only way to unencrypt your information is through your personal StayPrivate account log-in process.

We also ensure that your emails remain private even after they arrive with the recipient. Emails to business email accounts are delivered to the corporate email server using TLS encryption, while emails sent to personal email accounts are kept secure within the StayPrivate environment.

We are unlike webmail providers such as Gmail and, who provide free email in return for access to your data, to know more about you, and to deliver you targeted adverts and other prompts.

Enterprise-grade Privacy

We provide a similar level of privacy, security, and legal guarantee as to what an enterprise would expect from their email provider. Your data is processed by us only to deliver you the StayPrivate service. No StayPrivate employees have access to your data.

We do not want you to lose access to your StayPrivate account, so we allow you to reset your password or PIN if you forget either of them. We therefore do not offer zero-access encryption, as that would mean you permanently losing access to your data if you ever forgot your log-in details.

No Ads

Privacy also means that you get to use StayPrivate without being interrupted by ads, so you can read and reply to emails in peace.