Your Privacy

Enterprise-grade privacy

The privacy, security and legal guarantees we provide every StayPrivate account are similar to what a large business would expect from their email provider.

Your data is yours only. We don't read, analyze, or sell your data. We only process your data in order to deliver you the service.

We believe in striking a balance between security and practicality. We don't want you to lose access to your StayPrivate account if you forget your password or PIN, so we allow you to reset them.

This means that we don't use zero-access encryption, otherwise forgetting your log-in details would mean you losing access to your account and all your data forever!

Always encrypted

The entire StayPrivate ecosystem uses and is protected by military-grade encryption protocols.

We encrypt your account and everything in it (emails, attachments, files, notes) at all times. Our systems generate encryption keys dynamically using your unique credentials, so that the only way to unencrypt your information is via your account log-in process.

When we say we encrypt your information at all times, we mean it. As well as encrypting on our servers and in transit (on their way), unlike other email providers, we also ensure that your emails remain private even after they arrive with the recipient.

Our systems automatically switch delivery method depending on whether your recipient is business or personal. Emails to business email accounts are delivered to the corporate email server using TLS encryption, whereas emails to personal email accounts are kept secure within the StayPrivate environment.

No ads

Privacy doesn't just mean that your data is yours only. It means that you get to use your StayPrivate account without being interrupted by ads.

We are unlike other large webmail providers, such as Gmail and, who access your data to know more about you, to deliver you targeted ads, and to monetize you in other ways. We believe that you should be able to access, read and reply to your emails in peace.

That's right - no ads. Not one. Ever.

And that's a guarantee.