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Encrypted. Private. Organized. Spam-free.

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The world has changed. It's time email did too.

Private by design
Send and receive encrypted emails with anyone. Protected at both ends. StayPrivate keeps your information private and secure.
Escape the clutter
Your emails automatically organized into private channels. So you can filter out the noise and find the stuff that really matters quickly and easily.
Your email. Your way.

Email without spam. Block and manage whom you receive emails from. StayPrivate is email that puts you back in control.

Your data is yours only. You own your information. StayPrivate will never sell your data.

No tracking or ads. Not one. Ever. That's a promise!

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More than just email...

Secure by nature
Military-grade encryption, powerful anti-phishing technology, multifactor authentication, suspicious activity alerts and more keep you and your mailbox secure. Read more.
Private notes
Store passwords, account details and more in private notes. Need to share them with a contact? Share them securely directly from your account.
Secure file storage and sharing
Store documents, files, photos and more in your private vault. Need to share them with a contact? Share them securely directly from your account.

Because your email matters more than ever

The way we use email has changed. So has it's importance.

Email is your keycard to everything online.

Booking your next holiday? Buying something new? Streaming your favorite series? Browsing social networks? You need your email for all this and more..

Both professional and personal, whether applying for that dream job, setting up online banking, receiving medical records, or communicating with businesses, you'll need email!

But existing email wasn't ever designed for these things. So we've ended up with mail accounts that are unorganized, filled with spam, and vulnerable to attack, with the information we care about somewhere in the middle of the mess!

You need StayPrivateMail, email designed for the modern, evolving world.

Your email, any time, anywhere, on all your devices

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of individuals & businesses all around the world.