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Secure file sharing and encrypted email
for everyone, with anyone
Secure file sharing and encrypted email
for everyone, with anyone

Key Features

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Easy to use

SyncedUp works on any device. Use via mobile app or internet browser.


Military-grade AES256 encryption. Every file encrypted separately.


Send files, instant messages and emails to any email account.


Secure servers actively monitored 24/7. Patent-pending PIN access control.

How SyncedUp Works for You

Communicate with anyone in complete confidence. Your conversations are yours only, they are stored securely and remain private at all times.


Recipients can read your message, reply and share files with you.

No download required

Recipients do not need to download any software to read and reply to your encrypted emails.


Control your information even after you send or share it. Delete it when you want.


We provide 500MB of storage absolutely FREE. Each extra 50GB of storage is only £1.95 per month.


Each conversation is organised into its own private communication channel.


Access your emails, messages and files from any device on any platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SyncedUp?

SyncedUp is an app which allows you to communicate and share information in complete confidence with anyone. Your conversations are not copied, they remain in one place and they can be deleted as you wish. All your information is protected using military grade AES-256 encryption and your personal 4-digit PIN. The great thing about SyncedUp is its convenience: you can send to anyone using either their email or telephone number without them needing to sign up first.

Will SyncedUp work with my current email?

Yes, it works with any email account and requires no set up. For maximum convenience, download the SyncedUp app onto your mobile device.

I already have a secure email account. Why do I need SyncedUp?

A well-configured mail account should prevent rogue emails from entering your email environment. However, it provides no protection for your emails whilst they make their journey across the internet. Nor does it protect your email after it has arrived at its destination. SyncedUp protects your email from the moment it leaves your server until after it has arrived at its destination. Even better, it does the same for incoming emails.

Do you provide a free trial?

Yes! And it lasts forever, subject to a 500MB storage limit. We will warn you if you exceed your limit. You can either delete some files, or move onto one of the paid plans.

Who can I use it with?

Anyone! You can use SyncedUp to communicate with anyone, regardless of whether they are a user or not, or whether you are a paying user.

If I have a technical problem, what do I do?

Please email our dedicated SyncedUp Support Team at