Security & encryption

You retain sole ownership of your data

We provide a legal guarantee under the law of England and Wales that your data is yours only and will not be subject to any snooping from us or anyone else, including governments. English law is a leading common law system, free from government interference, and popularly used for international agreements.

Enterprise-grade encryption & security

As well as providing you with a private, encrypted email account and encrypting emails in transit, StayPrivate also protects emails after they arrive in the hands of your recipients.

StayPrivate ensures a standardized level of security, resilience and accessibility for all users: enforced multi-factor authentication (using StayPrivate's patented click-and-PIN technology), AES256 encryption, secure asymmetric encryption algorithms for key exchange (TLS/SSL), suspicious activity alerts, triple geographic redundancy, and robust account-recovery processes.

All data is encrypted at all times, all files are individually encrypted using dynamically generated keys, and nothing is accessible to StayPrivate employees.

Email fraud prevention

StayPrivate use a strict email domain safelist for incoming emails. All new email domains are subject to tight volume limits until they have been actively verified by our team of security specialists. This prevents phishing campaigns and eliminates spam.

Each email is associated with a private channel based on the identities of sender and recipients, making it easier for you to keep track of your conversations, reply safely (without needing to enter any email addresses) and avoid falling victim to fraud. Emails from new contacts are explicitly identified, allowing you to more easily identify suspicious emails.


We provide telephone and email support to all paying users. If you are worried about the security of your account, drop us a line and our team of experts will do their best to help.