As well as our standard packages, we can offer a range of bespoke options to suit your need.
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Simple, professional private email
Unlimited emails
Unlimited client users
500 MB attachments included
Integrations with G Suite, Office 365 & Outlook
iOS & Android apps
Integrate private email into your workflow
Everything in FREE
Increased storage
Server-level integration
File sharing
Price per user or per company
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Extra features, branding and control
Everything in BUSINESS
Bespoke company URL & branding
Electronic signatures
Administration & compliance features
iOS & Android white-labelled apps
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Package details effective at: 2nd January 2020
Reasonable use policy applies at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, StayPrivate works with any email account and requires no installation.

A well-configured mail server should ensure the security of emails received. Emails sent to organisations operating equally well-configured email servers will also remain secure. However, a standard mail server does not protect emails sent to individuals on free email accounts (which are explicitly not secure) nor to companies with poorly configured email servers.

StayPrivate can secure any email sent to any recipient from the moment it leaves your server until after it has arrived at its destination.

Even better, it does the same for incoming emails.

You can get started with a demo almost straight away.

Yes, the free version of StayPrivate is completely free, subject to a 500MB total limit on attachments and files shared.

Very! The first time your client receives a secure email, they simply click on a link and set their own 4-digit PIN. From that point on they use the same PIN to access their secure environment to read and reply to secure emails.