User Charge (monthly*) £10 £15 £20 By Negotation
Client Users 100 per User 150 per User 200 per User -
Email (including Attachments)
Electronic Signatures
File Sharing -
Instant Messaging -
Video Calling - - -
Meeting Recordings - - -
Bespoke Branding
Bespoke Company URL
iOS & Android Apps
Outlook & Gmail Add-ins
Advanced Audit Functionality -
Delegation Functionality - -
Administrator Users - -
Compliance Users - -
API Access - - -
External Back-ups - - -
24/7 Support
Storage Included** 100GB per user 150GB per user 200GB per user Bespoke
Server Location*** United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom Bespoke
Data Storage Location European Union European Union European Union Bespoke

Effective: 19th June 2017

* First month free. Reasonable use policy applies at all times.
** Additional storage costs £30 per TB per month.
*** For alternative server locations and pricing, please contact us at
Prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. For further information, please contact us at

Frequently asked questions

Yes, QUORUM works with any email account and requires no installation. For a perfectly seamless experience, we also provide company users with add-ins for Outlook, Gmail and Office 365.

A well-configured mail server prevents rogue emails from entering your company's internal environment. However, it provides no protection for your emails once they leave your server and travel across the internet. Nor does it protect your email after it has arrived at its destination.

QUORUM protects your email from the moment it leaves your server until after it has arrived at its destination.

Even better, it does the same for incoming emails.

It only takes a few minutes to set up your QUORUM instance with your company's branding and colour scheme. It is incredibly easy to add new users. However, if you do feel that you need assistance at any point, one of our representatives will be at hand to help you - either by email or over the phone.

Yes, a one month free trial. No strings attached. If you are happy with the trial, you can simply carrying on using the same instance. If not, we will delete all your data for you.

Very! The first time your client receives a secure email from you, they simply click on a link and set their own 4-digit PIN. From that point on they use the same PIN to access their secure environment to read and reply to secure emails.

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