Easy to Use

Security software is only secure if people use it

Encryption tools are usually difficult to operate and time consuming, that’s why at StayPrivate we designed QUORUM. Easy to use and convenient for a business of any size. No set up required, it works with any email account and you can send and receive encrypted emails straight away.

Great Client Experience

QUORUM is designed for your clients as well as you

Unlike other encryption solutions, QUORUM provides the same level of security for your clients as it does for your business. It allows clients to communicate securely with you via email, share attachments, and see your private history so that both of you can pick up a conversation where you left off.

Data Security

QUORUM operates market-leading encryption and security protocols

The QUORUM platform includes protection in the form of multi-layer AES-256 bit encryption, Tier IV data centres, proprietary rogue access prevention technology, redundant data storage, dynamic key management, anti-malware technology and continuous monitoring of the health of the infrastructure. Don't delay - take action to protect your business now.

Plus much more...

Email Encryption

Send and receive encrypted emails and attachments straight to/from any email account. Emailed smart links combined with PIN security give you and your contacts immediate, secure access to private communications.

Electronic Signatures

Get documentation agreed and ratified conveniently via encrypted mail.

Add Employee Users

Set up company employees with their own QUORUM account linked to their current email account.

Add Client Users

Clients receive alerts directly into their current email inbox with no download or sign up required. Clients set their own 4-digit pin to allow them to read and reply securely to encrypted emails.

Vault and File Sharing

Upload files to the private vault in each relationship. Save time looking through old files and immediately pick up from where the conversation left off.

Instant Messaging & Video Calling

Keep up with modern methods of communication whilst retaining maximum security.


Arrange meetings and create reminders within an encrypted environment.

Bespoke Branding

QUORUM provides your company with its own private web domain, themed with your company logos and colour scheme throughout.

Use on Any Device

White-labelled apps for any mobile or tablet device available free on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

Compatible with Any Email

Use QUORUM immediately without changing the way you work. Our Outlook and Gmail add-ins allow you to send encrypted emails and attachments directly from your current email client.

Audit History

A full audit-trail for each relationship allows you to keep track of communications as well as ensuring compliance.

Delegation Functionality

Grant users access to other user accounts, for example, to arrange holiday cover, or to allow your personal assistant to operate on your behalf.

Administrator Users

Set up further administrator users to allow detailed control of your online environment and user access rights.

Compliance Users

Set up controller accounts with the ability to access other user accounts to ensure compliance.

API Access

Use API access to build customised tools to access and update your QUORUM environment.


We can provide external back-ups for all information contained within your QUORUM environment.

24/7 Support

We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Storage Included

See Pricing for details on free data storage included with each package. Additional storage costs £30 per TB per month.

UK-based Servers

All servers are located in the EU, protected by EU privacy laws and ISO 27001 compliance. Businesses retain sole ownership of their information.

Get started today

QUORUM is really easy to use, and requires virtually no initial set up. Start communicating securely today.