Confidential 2-Way Communication Between Your Business And Your Clients

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Quorum is secure email delivery and safekeeping

Quorum encrypts your emails and makes them secure. Send and receive emails, attachments and other documents safely across the internet. Direct from any email account, including webmail.

What makes Quorum unique is that it provides a secure environment for you AND your clients. It combines the convenience of email with the security of the postal service.

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Quorum at a glance

Email, File Sharing, Messages and more

Convenient, Secure

For Companies, Clients, Boards and Business

Privacy, Confidentiality, Exclusivity

Keep Track, Save Time, Deliver Service

Build Relationships

Supports All Industry Regulations

Military Grade Security

Your Brand, Your Space

Stops Phishers

Technology for Now and the Future

Designed for Your Business

Available in three flavours to suit your business

Quorum Email

Secure email and attachments

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Quorum Professional

Secure email, file sharing and instant messaging

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Quorum Plus

Allows you to pick and choose components

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Quorum is helping companies do business better

All good businesses know the importance of effective communication. This is true now, more than ever.

Quorum combines the convenience of email with the security of the postal service.

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What people are saying about Quorum

"I knew we had a top class internal set up, but once emails left the building that counted for nought. Quorum solved our problem instantly and elegantly."

Steve, Sequoia

"Quorum is just so easy to use. It's secure email, file sharing and storage all in one place."

David, SIFA

"Quorum brings the simplicity and convenience of social media apps to the corporate world, without the security tradeoff."

Greg, Blackberry

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