Protecting Emails

StayPrivate is the easy way to send and receive private, encrypted emails.

Sending Emails

All emails you send using StayPrivate are automatically encrypted and kept private. Log into your StayPrivate account using either the web portal, the desktop app, or one of the StayPrivate mobile apps, available free from the Apple and Google app stores.

Compose and send an email. It will automatically be encrypted and delivered securely. There's literally nothing else to worry about.

Receiving Emails

Emails you send to free, personal webmail providers (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) are encrypted and stored in the StayPrivate secure environment.

The recipient receives a notification email informing them that they have received an encrypted email. To read the content and to reply securely, they simply click the link in the email and set a 4-digit PIN of their choice.

For emails you send to business email addresses, we check to see if the business email server is properly configured to accept TLS-encrypted email. If so, the email is delivered directly to the business email inbox. If not, the the recipient receives a notification email, just as if they were a personal user.

Business Users

If your organization has implemented the integrated StayPrivate Professional solution, you can send encrypted emails direct from your corporate email account. All you need to do is include your keyword anywhere within the email subject or content, and the email will automatically be encrypted and delivered securely to all recipients.