Anti-phishing Features

Comprehensive security

Every account is protected by StayPrivate's patented 'no-trail PIN' technology, and any log-in attempt from a new device is subject to a challenge.

Your account log-in history (including device ID and IP address) is recorded so that only you can see it within the StayPrivate secure environment.

New sender identification

Mailboxes can quickly become messy, disorganized and chaotic. Not with StayPrivate.

We automatically organize all your emails into private channels based on the identities of sender and recipients. Each channel has its own unique conversation history with all emails sent or received.

We don't just stop there though. We'll automatically add a warning note to the top of any email you receive from a new sender.

This makes it much easier to keep track of conversations and spot anything fishy.

Protecting emails at both ends

Many people don't realise that a lot of online fraud comes from somebody they know having their email account hacked.

It's so important that the information you share with your contacts stays safe in their hands as well as yours.

StayPrivate does this for you! We ensure that the emails and files you send stay safe before, during and after they are sent.

Domain verification

We maintain a directory of verified domains. All email domains are subject to tight volume limits until they have been actively verified by one of our security experts. This prevents mass phishing campaigns and stops spam.