How StayPrivate Works

Extra convenience as well as security

StayPrivate is a secure place online where anyone, both individuals and organizations, can store and share information conveniently in private. It works with any existing email account.

How StayPrivate works with personal email accounts

Emails to/from free email providers (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) are stored exclusively within the StayPrivate secure environment. Free email offers limited security and no privacy - the provider can read and use your information.

You receive notifications of incoming secure emails in your free email account. To read the email content, simply click the link and enter your PIN to open it securely in a browser, or use the mobile app.

You can send secure emails to anyone. All replies will be kept secure too. You can also share your StayPrivate email address when asked by important contacts, such as your doctor, accountant or family.

How StayPrivate makes your life easier

StayPrivate automatically organizes all your emails into private channels, each with its own channel history. As well as protecting you from phishing scams, this makes it so much easier to keep track of conversations, saving you time previously wasted searching around your inbox and sent folders for old messages.

StayPrivate provides you with your own secure file storage environment so that you can store your personal documents and private notes, entirely private to you and available on any of your devices (both computer and mobile).

Each private channel includes its own private file storage area. Share documents with your contacts, create folders and keep everything organized.

How StayPrivate works with corporate email accounts

StayPrivate delivers email content to organizations using their own email domain (with email accounts such as ''). We use TLS encryption to ensure the security of the email whilst in transit. Once the email arrives at the corporate server, the organization takes over the duty of care to keep the information safe - much as if it took delivery of a letter via the postal service.

Organizations can reply to emails securely without signing up. To initiate secure emails, you need to sign up. It only takes a few minutes to configure your corporate email server to work with StayPrivate, and all your employees will be able to send secure emails direct from their email account.