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Share messages, photos and videos
only with the people you want to
Share messages, photos and videos
only with the people you want to


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Ease of use

ChatFOSS works on any device. Use via mobile app or internet browser.


Military-grade AES256 encryption. Secure servers actively monitored 24/7.


You are in control of who can communicate with you and your family.


All your information belongs to you and you only.

How ChatFOSS Works for You

Enjoy chatting with family and friends you choose. You are in control of your groups. No one can contact you or your family without you inviting them first.


Designed in conjunction with teachers, parents & children to remove the risks of other communication apps


Your information remains yours only. We do not use or sell your data.


You manage your contacts and which groups you join, see when your child makes a new contact or joins a group


A great way to stay in touch and share photos, videos and messages with family and friends


Children, parents and grandparents can chat and share without any of the noise of social media


Access your emails, messages and files from any device on any platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using ChatFOSS?

Register as a parent by clicking the sign up button. You will receive an email with instructions how to set up all your family. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes.

How do I add friends on ChatFOSS?

You are automatically friends with everyone in your family - that is all users set up by the same person.

To add more friends on ChatFOSS simply swap ChatFOSS usernames and add your friend to your list of friends. As soon as they do the same, you can start chatting.

Neither you nor your friend will be able to see that the other wants to chat with you until you have both added each other. This prevents others from guessing your username and bothering you.

If your friend does not have a ChatFOSS ID or you don't know it, you can also invite them via their email address or phone number.

You can remove a friend at any time.

Can I set up a group chat?

Yes, in ChatFOSS groups are called circles. A circle is created automatically for your family.

To set up a new circle, you simply create a list of friends to invite. You will only join a circle if you accept the invitation. This prevents anyone from adding you to groups you do not want to be part of.

How is ChatFOSS different from other communication apps?

ChatFOSS is designed to be private.

In ChatFOSS no-one can search for you or contact you other than those you have requested and accepted as friends. Only if both users have independently requested to be friends with each other can they connect. You remain in control of whom you communicate with.

ChatFOSS parents receive a notification each time one of their family members adds a new friend.

ChatFOSS carries no advertisements or in-app purchases. We will never sell your data. Your information is yours only.

Who is behind ChatFOSS?

StayPrivate is the company behind ChatFOSS. StayPrivate makes no money from ChatFOSS and they do not access or sell your data. ChatFOSS is entirely financed by StayPrivate's Corporate Social Resposibility programme.

For more information, please contact StayPrivate at

Why should we use ChatFOSS?

ChatFOSS uses start-of-the-art security technology so that when you share pictures, videos and messages with your family and friends you can be confident that they will not be accessed by anyone else.

ChatFOSS is not just designed to be secure, it is designed to be private. Every conversation is conducted within a private channel, and every conversation stays in that channel.