Email Encryption

Secure business-to-individual email made easy

Email is essential for businesses, but presents security, data protection and reputational risks.

External emails, especially to or from webmail accounts, are not only a major security risk, but a source of data compliance and duty of care failures too.

We specialize in the secure delivery and safeguarding of information sent to and received from outside of protected corporate email environments, bridging the gap between secure business email and unsecure external webmail. StayPrivate is easy to use, simple to implement, and used by thousands of organizations all around the world across a wide range of sectors.

While this problem affects nearly all businesses, addressing it will look different for each organization.

The three ways for a business to use StayPrivate

Use it like an individual

Sign up free with your existing email address and start sending secure emails immediately using our easy-to-use web, desktop and mobile apps.

Recommend it to your clients

Safeguard yourself and your clients by recommending they use StayPrivate. Signing up to StayPrivate is quick, easy and free!

Use StayPrivate Professional

Send and receive encrypted emails directly from your business email account, simply by including a keyword anywhere in the email body or subject.

Sign up to one of our business plans below. With our automated server set-up process, it should take you a matter of minutes to get started.

Simple, cost-effective business email encryption:

£25 per month
Unlimited emails
Includes 5 users
Includes 10 GB storage
Each extra user: £2 per month.
Extra units of 10 GB storage: £5 per month
£75 per month
Electronic document signing
Auto-deleting emails
Unlimited emails
Includes 10 users
Includes 20 GB storage
Each extra user: £4 per month
Extra units of 10 GB storage: £5 per month

Contact us for charity, enterprise (over 500 users) or specialist use cases, including read-only emails and permission-based forwarding.

We're trusted by thousands of businesses all over the world.