Most online fraud involves either an email account being hacked or a phishing email deceiving a victim into divulging sensitive information. StayPrivate provides multiple additional layers of phishing and email hacking protection.


Many online frauds originate not from the eventual victim but from a contact of the victim having their email account hacked. It is important that the information you share with contacts stays safe in your contacts' hands as well as yours. StayPrivate ensures that email and files stay safe before, during and after they are sent. Emails to corporate email accounts are delivered to the corporate using TLS email encryption, while emails sent to non-corporate email accounts are kept secure post-delivery within the StayPrivate environment, protected by StayPrivate's patented no-trail PIN technology, multi-factor authentication and device recognition. Crucially, these security features apply to all recipients as well as senders.

All emails are organized into private channels

StayPrivate automatically organizes all emails into private channels, defined by the identities of the sender and recipients. Each channel has its own unique activity history, including emails sent & received and files shared, downloaded & deleted. Any email you receive from a new contact (some phishing attacks come via an email addreses close in name to one of your existing contacts) is explicitly marked as new and establishes a new private channel, completely separate from the prior conversation.

Multi-step verification, no-trail PIN and account monitoring

All accounts are protected by both password and our patented 'no-trail PIN', and any log-in attempt from a new device is subject to a challenge. All user log-in history (including device ID and IP address) is recorded privately and transparently within the StayPrivate environment, and users are notified immediately of any suspicious log-in attempts. All activity, including emails, file downloads and uploads is tracked, transparently recorded and organized in the channel history.

Active domain verification

StayPrivate operates a directory of verified domains. All new accounts and email domains are subject to tight volume limits until they have been actively verified by one of our security experts. This prevents mass phishing campaigns and stops spam.