StayPrivate was established in 2014 by a small group of financial services and technology professionals to provide bespoke secure communications services to the financial services sector, especially companies working with High Net Worth individuals.

As the business grew, we found ourselves receiving increasing numbers of enquiries from sectors outside financial services. Individual users started asking if they could use StayPrivate themselves. So we extended the service so that each company could configure things to match their needs. And we set about building a version of the StayPrivate service designed specifically for individual use.

But something wasn't right. We were creating more and more versions of the service, but what everyone really needed was a single service that would work for everyone with everyone.

Towards the end of 2019, we started the project to work out how this single platform could look and what we would need to do to deliver it. The first version was ready by early 2021, and we spent the next twelve months beta-testing with a range of customers, tweaking things until it would genuinely work for everyone.

In early 2022 we stopped offering our bespoke service to businesses. And in June 2022 we launched StayPrivate into the individual market.